Rapid Prototyping Services

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of rapid prototyping parts, ABC Rapid offers a full range of precision rapid prototyping services: CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Drilling, 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting. We can produce parts from almost any metal and plastic, the parts we machined are widely used in automotive, medical equipment, home appliance, etc. If you are looking for a reliable supplier that can provide precision parts, welcome to upload your drawings to us for a free quotation!

               CNC Machining                                                             SLA 3D Printing


                         Vacuum Casting                                                                                                         Finishing Services


Quality Assurance

Our quality policy and concept is to create high valued-added          

quality products, guide us to become a leader in the industry

We take a win-win approach when it comes to gaining  more

customers.  We not only  provide them with the  best quality

products, but also we  provide a wide  range of  customized

services to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers.                                                                                              

In addition, we carry out regular staff training to ensure that each 

employee has a preliminary sense of quality, which can guide them 

to effectively judge and see questions in their own work links, thus 

saving costs and improving efficiency. 


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