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The number one vacuum casting company in China

Vacuum casting is a manufacturing process and used to create high-quality and precise replicas like short-batch production and rapid prototypes. Our company specializes in precise and cost-effective vacuum casting china services for businesses of different sectors worldwide. Services offered by our company can replicate fine details and also textures.  

The main steps involved in the process of vacuum casting are as follows.

  • 3D Printing(SLA)
  • Master Model Creation

    The vacuum casting process starts with a detailed master model creation and uses three-dimensional printing and CNC machining for the maximum level of accuracy.

    Silicone Mold Formation

    The master model is used to create a good silicone mold and capture the nuance of the design in every aspect.

    Professional CNC machining services

    A liquid resin is poured properly into the mold and enough vacuum is applied to make certain that the resin evenly fills each part of the mold.

Curing & Demolding

The resin is allowed to cure at first solidify into a replica and be removed from the mold.

Materials used in the vacuum casting

Our vacuum casting factory offers 26 polyurethanes similar to ABS, rubber, PP, and PC. Every material used by our company has the best stuff to provide various properties and give the possibility to cast transparent components and match colors. We have a qualified post-production team for the cheap and best vacuum casting to match the requirements of clients.

Why choose our company?

1- The best quality products

2- Durable mold items made in a few days

3- The most excellent surface texture and high precision to the finished products

4- Popular polyurethane resin types are available for casting

5- Appropriate for engineering mold items, rapid prototypes, samples, and bridge-to-production

6- Time-saving

7- Good production quality

8- Speed

9- Low cost

10- A wide material selection

11- A wide range of finishes

Vacuum casting applications

1- Pre-launch product testing

2- Concept models and prototypes

3- Small series of housings and covers

Our experienced and committed staff members in the vacuum casting company produce tens of thousands of premium prototypes by vacuum casting for clients from around the world. You can contact our competitive vacuum casting factory and get professional yet affordable services.  

  • Many businesses opt for vacuum casting to fulfill their prototyping needs. This is because vacuum casting speeds up the process of product development and saves valuable time. Our company has the modern technical capabilities to provide high-quality yet affordable vacuum casting services.  

    The integration of cutting-edge technologies is the main reason behind the increased success rate of our company. We ensure that our vacuum casting process complies with stringent quality standards. This technology edge lets us for high precision and detail, material versatility, large scale and custom production, and other things. Our experienced staff members efficiently use premium materials and resources along with optimized labor costs. This is the main reason behind the highly economical nature of our vacuum casting services, particularly for bulk orders.  

  • 3D Printing(SLA)


Our professional vacuum casting services are designed to reduce energy consumption and waste, a small environmental footprint, and low production cost.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Accuracy

±0.3% (with a lower limit on ± 0.3 mm on dimensions smaller than 100 mm). Generally, a shrinkage rate of 0.15% is to be expected.

Minimum wall thickness

To ensure that the mold is filled properly, a wall thickness of at least 0.75 mm is necessary. For best results, we recommend a wall thickness of at least 1.5 mm

Maximum part dimensions

The size of the mold is limited by the dimensions of the vacuum chamber (1900 x 900 x 750 mm) and by the volume of the product (maximum volume: 10 liters)

Standard lead time

Up to 10 copies within 15 working days

Typical quantities

Up to 25 copies per mold (depending on the mold’s complexity and the casting materials)

Surface structure

High-quality surface finish comparable to injection molding

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