What things need to pay attention when making toy models ?
May 16 , 2024 | Blog
Toy model prototypes refer to the samples or prototypes used to make model toys, usually drawn by engineers or designers so that manufacturers can produce according to this prototype. During the...Read More
What is a security prototype?
May 13 , 2024 | Blog
With the continuous progress and development of society, people's demand for safety precautions is getting higher and higher, and the security industry has become more and more important, covering...Read More
Get Started with Vacuum Casting and SLA 3D Printing in China
May 09 , 2024 | Blog
Are you looking to bring your product designs to life with precision and efficiency? Look no further than vacuum casting and SLA 3D printing services in China. As a leading destination for...Read More
What is Electrophoresis?
May 07 , 2024 | Blog
What is Electrophoresis? The electrophoresis process is to apply a layer of primer on the surface of metal products. Different from other processes such as spraying, electrophoresis...Read More
Are We Able to Make Prototypes According to Real Product ?
May 06 , 2024 | Blog
Sometimes we will receive quotes from customers, they require us to make products according to their real products as they do not have CAD file or drawings. At thissituation, can we meet...Read More
Are You Seeking Top-Quality Manufacturing Partners in China?
May 06 , 2024 | Blog
In the world of manufacturing, finding reliable partners is crucial for the success of your business. If you're in search of China CNC machining service suppliers or SLA 3D printing in China,...Read More
Should We use Wooden Box to Protect Parts by CNC Machining ?
Apr 30 , 2024 | Blog
Introduction Last month, one of our customer asked us to make some wheel hub with Aluminum 7075, CNC Machining and black anodization post-treatment.  The size at 45x45x30cm,...Read More
How to Get a Metal Part to be Manufactured by CNC Machining?
Apr 24 , 2024 | Blog
CNC Machining is commonly used in industry design.  We have lots of metal materials are available, like Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Zinc Alloy and so on…Above...Read More
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