Materials For CNC machined aluminum parts
Mar 04 , 2024 | Blog
CNC machined aluminum parts are becoming great options for many industries. As one of the most popular materials, aluminum performs excellent mechanical properties. In terms of machining materials,...Read More
How is CNC machining cost calculated ?
Feb 27 , 2024 | Blog
CNC machining costs may vary depending upon different factors as discussed below: 1. CNC Machine costs Machining cost changes with the change of type of the machine. Mainly, there are...Read More
CNC-RP Prototype and CNC Prototype
Feb 26 , 2024 | Blog
Advantages and disadvantages of RP prototype: Another one to mention here is RP prototype. RP prototypes are formed through accumulation technology, but due to the accumulation technology used, the...Read More
Analysis of the reasons why sheet metal is expensive
Feb 22 , 2024 | Blog
Sheet metal is more expensive, why is this? In addition to processing technology, material costs and other reasons, what other factors affect the price of sheet metal? This article will analyze it...Read More
China CNC Machining: Exploring China CNC Machining Suppliers
Feb 19 , 2024 | Blog
In the realm of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. China has emerged as a powerhouse in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, offering a plethora of options for custom...Read More
Characteristics of CNC Prototype Processing
Feb 19 , 2024 | Blog
CNC prototype processing and manufacturing: ABS: transparent, ultra-high temperature resistant, black, imported, domestic, etc. POM (Sai Steel), PMMA (Acrylic), MC (Nylon), PC, PP, PA, BT, PVC,...Read More
Four Ways to Extend The Life of the Prototype Model
Feb 18 , 2024 | Blog
To ensure the quality and service life of prototype models, the following points must be achieved in production management.   1. Completeness of product information During...Read More
How to choose a TPU soft plastic model processing ?
Feb 05 , 2024 | Blog
How to choose a soft rubber model processing and manufacturing company: In order to better process and make soft rubber prototype models, when we select a production company, we should fully...Read More
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