Advantages of China Prototype Manufacturing
Jan 19 , 2024 | Blog
Prototype manufacturing is a critical step in the product development process. It involves the creation of an initial model of a product that can be tested, refined, and improved before...Read More
Introduction to hardware prototypes
Jan 19 , 2024 | Blog
In the process of making prototypes, there is a type called hardware prototypes. Because the prototype itself considers the needs of heat dissipation or result design, the parts are very thin,...Read More
Exploring the Wonders of SLA 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting China
Jan 14 , 2024 | Blog
What is SLA 3D Printing? Embark on a journey into the realm of SLA 3D printing China, a revolutionary technique transforming the landscape of prototyping and small-scale production. Within...Read More
The surface of the prototype is sprayed with rubber paint
Jan 12 , 2024 | Blog
Common surface treatments for plastic prototype models include spray painting, electroplating, sandblasting, polishing, silk screen printing, etc. Spray paint is divided into matte paint,...Read More
Household copper lock CNC processing prototype
Jan 11 , 2024 | Blog
Household hardware copper door locks are manufactured using sheet metal processing. Based on CNC processing technology, the product requirements can be more refined. Household hardware copper door...Read More
What is surface hardening
Jan 10 , 2024 | Blog
What is surface hardening Wear resistance and indentation resistance are very important qualities of metal. Therefore, hardness is an important consideration when deciding which...Read More
Machine prototypes and manual prototypes
Jan 08 , 2024 | Blog
Advantages and disadvantages of machine prototypes and manual prototypes There are many methods of manual processing, which are generally divided into two categories:...Read More
The benefits of oil injection on prototype models
Jan 05 , 2024 | Blog
Prototype oil injection is a surface treatment process commonly used in prototype processing. Prototype oil spraying is divided into matte, semi-matte and bright according to the surface...Read More
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