How to make a prototype of a small home appliance
Dec 14 , 2023 | Blog
Prototype models have been used in various industries, and the home appliance industry is no exception. Especially for the appearance research and development of home appliances, prototype models...Read More
Optimize Manufacturing with Vacuum Casting and CNC Machining
Dec 13 , 2023 | Blog
Why to Choose Vacuum Casting China? 1. Expertise Beyond Borders ¬∑ China's skilled professionals bring a wealth of experience to the art of vacuum...Read More
Several Stages from Prototype to Mass Production
Dec 13 , 2023 | Blog
How many stages does it take fromprototyping to mass production? From the birth of a product to its final successful launch, there are roughly four main stages: product design, prototype...Read More
Basic knowledge of coloring prototype models
Dec 13 , 2023 | Blog
When customers confirm the prototype model and place an order, the prototype drawing will usually be accompanied by a BOM list, which will indicate the color requirements of the prototype, such as...Read More
Comparison and advantages of prototype model processing and trad
Dec 11 , 2023 | Blog
Prototype model processing refers to the process of materializing the designed CAD model through CNC machine tools or manual operations to produce a 3D solid model. The traditional processing...Read More
What is PMMA ?
Dec 08 , 2023 | Blog
PMMA is the abbreviation code for polymethylmethacrylate material. Commonly known as plexiglass (acrylic), it is by far the most excellent synthetic transparent material and the price is relatively...Read More
How to make the prototype look shiny
Dec 07 , 2023 | Blog
Looking at various high-end electrical appliances, handicrafts, wood products, such as laptops, VCDs, hair dryers, audio-visual equipment, cameras, mobile phones, telephones, cars, etc., few have...Read More
How to improve prototype processing efficiency
Dec 06 , 2023 | Blog
Prototype processing is a very important part of the product development process. How to improve the efficiency of prototype processing can not only shorten the product development cycle, but also...Read More
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