The Difference Between 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting
Nov 14 , 2023 | Blog
3D printing means that after the drawing is designed, a sample needs to be made by 3D printing or CNC processing to test the appearance and functional structure. The vacuum casting refers to the...Read More
Painting Process of Prototype Making
Nov 13 , 2023 | Blog
Beautiful things are always presented in different colors, the hand model is the same. The color presented by the product processed by the machine is the color of the material itself, and if you...Read More
Analyze the Necessity of Making Prototype Models
Nov 10 , 2023 | Blog
Analyze the Necessity of Making Prototype Models (1) Inspection of appearance design The prototype is not only visible but also touchable. It can intuitively reflect the designer's...Read More
How to Control Dimension During CNC Machining?
Nov 09 , 2023 | Blog
CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control, which is a manufacturing process in which programmed computer software dictates the movement of corresponding tools and machinery, which carry out the...Read More
Benefits Of Low-volume Production
Nov 06 , 2023 | Blog
There are a couple of benefits you get to enjoy with low volume production to produce low volume plastics as follows: 1. Cheaper.  It is less costly compared to...Read More
Advantages of working with CNC rapid prototyping
Oct 30 , 2023 | Blog
It is important to note that prototyping differs from production. It may be incorporated during the production cycle to display the potential aesthetic and functionality of a product, but it is in...Read More
What is a Metal Prototype?
Oct 23 , 2023 | Blog
A metal prototype is an object used as a sample or model of a new product. The prototype allows manufacturers and designers to transform an idea or concept into a physical object. The item can then...Read More
What are Rapid Prototyping Techniques?
Oct 16 , 2023 | Blog
From reducing the cost to increase the efficiency, rapid prototyping techniques are making an impact in the industries. Rapid prototyping is a set of techniques, used to create the physical...Read More
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