The main differences between silicone molding and low-pressure i
Nov 23 , 2023 | Blog
Silicone replica molding is a relatively common process that uses the original template to create a silicone mold or rapid mold in a vacuum state, and then casts it using PU material in a vacuum...Read More
Plastic prototype production to check whether the structural des
Nov 23 , 2023 | Blog
Plastic prototypes are used to test whether the structural design is reasonable. Many products require prototype processing of various parts before production. In other words, many of them are...Read More
Under What Circumstances Is It Necessary To Make Prototype Proce
Nov 20 , 2023 | Blog
The necessity of making prototype is mainly reflected in the following points:    Prototype is also called the first plate, rapid prototyping or mockup, etc., after the...Read More
How to Improve Prototype Processing Efficiency
Nov 20 , 2023 | Blog
Improve efficiency, improve quality, and optimize processes Prototype processing is a very important part of the product development process. How to improve the efficiency of...Read More
How many advantages do you know of 3D printing service machines?
Nov 16 , 2023 | Blog
There are many methods used by 3D printing service machines, including SLA, SLM, SLS, etc. Among them, SLA is a relatively common printing technology. SLA technology, the full name of Stereo...Read More
Why is it necessary to use the prototype production stage in new
Nov 15 , 2023 | Blog
Why is it necessary to use the prototype production stage in new product development? 1. Check the appearance design: The prototype is not only visible but also touchable. It can...Read More
Choosing the Right Vacuum Casting Factory, China
Nov 15 , 2023 | Blog
In the realm of manufacturing, vacuum casting has emerged as a game-changing process that allows for the production of high-quality prototypes and small batch production with remarkable accuracy and...Read More
Which China-Based Manufacturing Process Is Right for You?
Nov 14 , 2023 | Blog
In today's global market, businesses looking for high-quality manufacturing solutions often turn to China for cost-effective and efficient options. Custom CNC machining, CNC machining companies,...Read More
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