Hardware prototype proofing
Jan 04 , 2024 | Blog
How to make this hardware prototype? Let’s briefly describe these main steps. Step 1: the drawing review department reviews whether each workpiece meets the processing requirements. If the CNC...Read More
Advantages of vacuum molding in prototype models
Jan 03 , 2024 | Blog
Advantages of vacuum molding in prototype models High strength Vacuum molding materials include rigid or flexible plastics. Prototype parts are usually tougher than injection...Read More
What Makes Stainless Steel Stainless?
Jan 02 , 2024 | Blog
What Makes Stainless Steel Stainless?   Steel is one of the most common engineering and building materials in the world, found virtually everywhere in a million common everyday...Read More
Prototype surface technology - etching
Dec 29 , 2023 | Blog
Mold etching generally has different names according to people's habits, such as bite marks, sunburn marks, burnt marks, burnt marks, etching, etc. And there are types of textures such as fine...Read More
Issues needing attention in CNC plastic prototype processing
Dec 28 , 2023 | Blog
CNC processing of plastic prototypes and metal prototypes are similar, but there are also many differences. Because there are many types of plastics, different plastics are processed differently....Read More
Tips for sheet metal processing
Dec 26 , 2023 | Blog
What are some tips for sheet metal processing?   1. To prevent injuries caused by broken chips, a transparent baffle should be installed at an appropriate...Read More
Prototype material PMMA
Dec 26 , 2023 | Blog
PMMA is the abbreviation code for polymethylmethacrylate material. Commonly known as plexiglass (acrylic), it is by far the most excellent synthetic transparent material and the price is relatively...Read More
What do you know about sheet metal processing ?
Dec 19 , 2023 | Blog
The materials generally used in sheet metal processing include cold -rolled plates, galvanized plates, copper plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum, etc. Its effects are...Read More
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