The Use Of Aluminum Alloy Prototype Brush
Apr 06 , 2023 | Blog
Aluminum alloy material is a very common type in the production of prototypes. It has good strength and light weight; and it is very convenient for surface treatment, such as sandblasting...Read More
Choosing the Best China CNC Machining Service Suppliers
Apr 04 , 2023 | Blog
What Is China Cnc Machining? How Can It Help Your Business? China CNC machining service is a process of manufacturing precision parts using computer numerical control machine tools. This type...Read More
Adding the Production Capacity with China CNC Machining Service
Mar 31 , 2023 | Blog
In the modern day, many industries have been using advanced CNC machining services to get versatile solutions. These are the perfect option for producing custom parts in flexible and faster...Read More
3D Printing/CNC Machining/Vacuum Casting Used In Different Scene
Mar 30 , 2023 | Blog
Model or part sample, small batch there are many ways to implement, which is more suitable for the customer? Shortcomings of 3D printing, CNC machining and silicone vacuum casting are as follows:...Read More
Small Batch Production Of Toy Prototypes
Mar 29 , 2023 | Blog
Sometimes some customers need to produce products in small batches. The cost of making steel molds is too high and the cycle time is too long, and the price of 3D printing or CNC machining is...Read More
The key points of the coloring process of the prototype
Mar 23 , 2023 | Blog
Before the newly formed prototype model is painted, it is usually necessary to polish the whiteboard. When grinding, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the smoothness and corners of...Read More
Application of electroplating process on Prototyping
Mar 22 , 2023 | Blog
The prototype model is the first sample after the product design drawings are confirmed. Prototype models are different from mass-produced finished products, and all processes in the...Read More
The importance of manual processing in rapid prototyping
Mar 16 , 2023 | Blog
In the prototype industry, when machine production was not popularized in large quantities at the beginning, the production of prototypes was done by hand. Manually processed prototype...Read More
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