Painting Process of Prototype Making

Nov 13 , 2023 | Blog

Beautiful things are always presented in different colors, the hand model is the same. The color presented by the product processed by the machine is the color of the material itself, and if you want to make a delicate and good-looking appearance, you need to spray paint the hand itself to be presented. Today, let's talk about the hand painting process.


The processed products should be aligned in a polishing process, and the surface should be polished smooth first, and the painting effect will be better. Here's a look at the main steps of spray painting


 1.First primer: fill the sand marks and microholes on the bottom of the workpiece, increase the adhesion of the lower coating, and also have the function of defect indication.

2. Middle coat primer: It is a very important coating part to prepare a complete smooth working surface for the top coat, complete the last process of all the primer work, increase the adhesion of the intervening layer and have a certain isolation effect to ensure the quality and stability of the top coat.

3.Top paint: Top paint is divided into single-layer paint and multi-layer paint, is the color of the determination of the layer and decorative protective layer, single-layer paint we commonly called plain paint, also known as ordinary paint, can be completed in one layer.Multi-layer paint is divided into silver powder series paint and pearl series paint, divided into two layers and multi-layer construction process completed paint.


The spraying quality of the top paint part is very high, to be clean, plump, bright, not hanging, not hanging, uniform luster, no leakage spray, no flaring, leveling, not biting the bottom, not fickle, not biased color, these all aspects to achieve the position, it is not an easy task, the need for extremely rich experience and fault prearrangement ability.

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