Why Does The Hand Model Need Subsequent Polishing ?
Jun 29 , 2023 | Blog
There are many techniques for prototypes, such as 3D printing, CNC machining,  sheet metal and vacuum casting. , one of the important links is grinding. For example, after CNC machining, the...Read More
What are the differences between SLA and SLS 3D Printing
Jun 28 , 2023 | Blog
When considering additive manufacturing or 3D printing for your project, you’ll likely discover different technologies that can produce your prototype or end-use part. Two of them are SLA and SLS...Read More
Why Is Prototyping Important ?
Jun 27 , 2023 | Blog
Prototyping is the first step in the journey to market, revealing hidden obstacles and unforeseen challenges, and the initial look and feel of the part. Why would you wait until the manufacturing...Read More
Rapid Injection Molding Service
Jun 21 , 2023 | Blog
Rapid injection molding is excellent option for producing large quantities of parts. The lead times and costs of it are significantly reduced compared to full production tooling. ...Read More
Why Choose Sheet Metal Prototyping?
Jun 21 , 2023 | Blog
Sheet metal is a highly versatile and robust material in the manufacturing industry. It is a crucial component in many applications, including appliance manufacturing, aerospace, consumer...Read More
High Precision CNC Machining Services – All You Need to Know
Jun 19 , 2023 | Blog
Can you imagine using manual and traditional methods to build your newly designed custom parts? That usually takes time and expensive labor, and there is no guarantee that the results will turn out...Read More
Pad Printing & Laser Engraving
Jun 16 , 2023 | Blog
Pad Printing & Laser Engraving We have many methods to make markings of text, logos or symbols on your parts or prototypes. We can provide: Pad...Read More
Production Of Medical Prototypes
Jun 13 , 2023 | Blog
In recent years, with the rapid development of the medical industry, many medical companies will choose to make a few sets of prototypes or small batches of dozens of sets to occupy the market...Read More
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