Advantages of Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping

Sep 25 , 2023 | Blog

Original equipment manufacturers know that it takes top-quality materials to create a top-quality product. 

That's why we now use sheet metal prototyping to stamp sheet metal exactly how you need it, when you need it: any thickness, any tolerance, any quantity.


1. Sheet metal prototyping can part in days, not weeks.


2. It has extremely advanced metal punching, contouring and forming.


3. Full post processor generation capabilities to integrate seamlessly with all CNC machine tools.


4. Sheet metal prototyping not only reduce scrap via intelligent nesting, which decreases product costs,but also generate flat patterns quickly, accurately, and optimize to reduce costs.


5. On one hand, it speeds up the design of sheet metal parts with complex flanges using intelligent 3D models; on the other hand, it is good at efficient program parts for chassis, enclosures, weldments, brackets, grounding clips, contacts, shield cans, and other uses that require press-brake or die-form techniques.


6. Its quick insert specializes sheet metal fasteners into sheet metal designs.


Sheet Metal Prototyping Parts

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