Aluminum Rapid Prototyping

Jul 13 , 2023 | Blog

Aluminum is said to exhibit low density but higher strength, the strength that surpasses that of high-quality steel. It also has excellent plasticity, high resistance to corrosion as well as exceptional electroplating and welding characteristics. Aluminum being relatively cheap and abundant in nature reduces the overhead cost due to faulty production or prototypes wasted due to bad design. It can also be easily recycled which further aids in cheaper manufacturing. This material also has high toughness and less deformation after manufacturing, making it an ideal material to be used by many companies for prototyping purposes.


The modern design factors and marketing realities push the engineers and companies to come up with their finished products by spending the least possible time and budget during the design phase. In order to achieve this feat, rapid prototyping is used to fulfill these market demands. Aluminum Rapid Prototyping comprises two distinctive techniques. The additive prototyping and subtractive prototyping. Additive aluminum prototyping, especially CNC aluminum is the process under which the virtual 3D designs are used to build up the prototype via depositing aluminum layers. The prototypes are built from bottom up. Laser-sintering and 3D printing are best-known examples of additive rapid prototyping.

Subtractive aluminum prototyping is the process via which prototypes are built through repetitive cutting of the material from a solid block of aluminum. Under this process, prototypes are made from top to bottom. Subtractive prototyping is done via CNC machining which includes milling, turning, milling and other standard machining processes. Subtractive Rapid Prototypingis said to be faster, economical and better as compared to its counterparts. And why not your company goes for it as compared to laser-sintering, 3D printing and other available techniques in the market.

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