Are We Able to Make Prototypes According to Real Product ?

May 06 , 2024 | Blog

Sometimes we will receive quotes from customers, they require us to make products according to their real products as they do not have CAD file or drawings. At thissituation, can we meet customers’ requirements? 


The answer is YES. We understand that customers don’t have the CAD files because the design hasn’t been finished yet. But customers want to make some prototypes for testing before they finish the design. But customers have the real products and asked us if we can make prototypes by using the real products. This is a way to solve problem when have this trouble. 


How to make prototypes according to real products?

When customers don't have CAD files only have real products, we will suggest to send the real product to us. First of all, we will measure the overall dimensions (length, width, heigh and thickness, some round edges or features is necessary). Second, after have all these dimensions, engineer will create CAD files according to the data. Finally, we will use the CAD files to make prototypes. Therefore, whatever customers require CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting or 3D Printing. We can hep to achieve the requirements. 


Actually the Vacuum Casting would be more easier to use real products. When we do Vacuum Casting products, we will make a prototype firstly then use it to make a silicone mold, to copy products by using the silicone mold. So you can save some cost if you can send the real product to us, we no need to make prototype. Using the real product as prototype to make silicone mold. This is also a good way to make parts when there is no CAD files. 


General speaking, CAD files are necessary, the second choice is technical drawings. If both not, then real products would be better. However, some customer don’ t have the real product only have a idea and need our help to achieve it. We will try our best to help customers, this is our goal to help more customers. If you have any ideas to make some prototypes, please feel free to contact us via We looking forward to working with you. 

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