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High precision and fine details of the finished product

If you use silicone as a mold for your product. It ensures great attention to detail in the final product. The final product ends up looking like the original.

Vacuum casting produces high quality replicas with excellent surface detail. Finished copies can be polish, printed or machined to enhance appearance and function as desired.


Ensure the high quality of the product

The products made using the vacuum casting method are of high quality. 

In vacuum casting, not only the process is fast but also the final high quality and has better structural properties, rigidity, and hardness. The air pockets are removed in the final product that enhances its mechanical properties.

Lowers The Production Costs

It is more economical to manufacture products using the vacuum casting process.This is because money is not invested in making hard tooling, as is the case with plastic injection molding or die casting. In turn, the savings can be invested in further product development or alternative design iterations.

Additionally, the process uses less electricity than injection molding, die casting or CNC machining.

The speed of product production is fast

This method is fast, and it takes you less time to finish making the finish products. You can take seven to ten days to make around 50 functioning prototype parts.

Parts can be ready and delivered within days, depending on the size and quality of the part, compared to the time required to mass-produce hard steel tools, which can take several weeks. With tight deadlines, this can be a Key factor.

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