CNC Machining Characteristics

May 10 , 2023 | Blog

Today, the advantages of CNC machining are popular among numerous manufacturers in many industries for their manufacturing and manufacturing applications. CNC system has become an integral part of modern processing technology. "CNC" stands for computer numerical control, based on the principle that machine tool mechanisms are connected and unified by specialized digital control systems. Today, Kelver manufacturers introduce the characteristics of CNC machining:


CNC machining has the following four characteristics:


(1) High degree of automation and high production efficiency. In addition to manual clamping blank, the rest of the process can be automatically completed by CNC machine. If with automatic loading and unloading means, it is the basic component of unmanned control factory. Numerical control machining reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the working conditions. No scribing, multiple clamping, positioning, detection and other procedures and auxiliary operations, effectively improve the production efficiency.


(2) Strong adaptability to processing objects. When changing the processing object, in addition to replacing the tool and solving the blank clamping way, only need to reprogram, do not need to make any other complex adjustment, thus shortening the production preparation cycle.


(3) High machining precision and stable quality. Machining dimensional accuracy between 0.005 ~ 0.01mm, not affected by the complexity of parts. Because most of the operation is completed by the machine automatically, thus eliminating the human error, improve the consistency of batch parts size, at the same time, the precision control of the machine tool also uses the position detection device, more improve the precision of CNC machining.


(4) Easy to establish communication with the computer, easy to realize group control. Because the machine tool is controlled by digital information, it is easy to connect with computer aided design system, forming CAD/CAM integrated system, and can establish the contact between the machine tools, easy to realize group control.

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