CNC Machining Transparent PMMA Hand Model Part

Dec 15 , 2022 | Blog

CNC Machining Transparent PMMA Hand Model Part




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CNC Machining

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seven days/set



PMMA Acrylic, is a kind of acrylic plastic with good transparency and chemical stability. It is usually used in appearance decorative parts such as displays, lampshades, lenses and transparent pipes. The material of hand board processing is mainly acrylic bars and plates, as the surface can be made into polishing, dyeing, electroplating, sandblasting and other process effects. Just like the figured PMMA model is processed by ABC Rapid, using acrylic material in the CNC high-speed machining center on the overall fine processing, the surface polished from the production.

Except the planar structure of the floor, it can be completely polished after processing. Other parts with different internal structural features or parts after assembly and disassembly can only be surface-polished with polished cotton and polishing wax manually. 


ABC Rapid on the production of such PMMA model part, will first be based on customer design drawings to recommend the transparent materials more suitable for processing. While the polishing effect for transparent prototype pieces and beautiful appearance for split pieces are provided, the model manufacturing company ABC Rapid has always been mature stable process of production capacity, as the industry's customers very dependent on the model production suppliers.


ABC Rapid is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various cnc machining transparent pmma hand model part products in China, offering the customized service. Our products is competitive in its high quality and good performance. Welcome to check the quotation with us.

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