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Dec 02 , 2022 | Blog

ABC Rapid offers a custom sheet metal prototype service to produce your parts in small series (from 1 to 250+ parts). Our capabilities allow us to produce your functional sheet metal parts in as little as 3 working days. We are able to produce partial or complete assemblies with mechanized welding. The principle of sheet metal is to work a sheet of metal using various stages and processes (cutting, folding, etc.) to give it the desired shape. The metal parts obtained can have different thicknesses, large sizes, and complex geometries. Commonly used materials for sheet metal work include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, and copper.

To produce your fine sheet metal parts, we have a complete range of equipment: stamping presses, CNC press brakes, laser cutting machines, wire cutting machines, etc.

Example of sheet metal prototype parts:

Rapid sheet metal: process

The main processes of sheet metal processing include cutting and cutting, CNC bending, punching and shearing, stamping, rounding, riveting, welding and other methods. It can also be said to be the working principle and operation method of various equipment. All sheet metal processing processes are based on the need for sheet metal engineers to carefully design and label product drawings before operation. The main process terms are: blanking, pressure riveting, bending, shearing, blanking, punching, rising, pulling, riveting, ribping, corner-cutting, forming, punching and convex packing, punching tearing, printing, reaming, punching mesh, chamfering, teeth return, hole extraction, tapping teeth, leveling, drilling, counterbore, flat shooting, welding, spraying, assembly, etc.

Common processes are:

1.             Laser cutting

2.             Punch holes

3.             Riveting

4.             CNC Bend

5.             Weld

6.             Finish

7.             Box assembly

Advantages and application of rapid sheet metal prototype

Parts made from sheet metal prototypes are generally less expensive than parts obtained by die-casting and are not able to be produced by CNC machining. The metal sheet can be worked rapidly into almost all shapes and with small or very large dimensions (from a simple bracket to the fuselage of a plane). For prototyping, these parts can, therefore, be used in a wide range of industries such as construction, automotive, furniture, medical, consumer products, electronics, etc.

Examples of common applications in the field of prototyping include computer chassis cabinet, TV backboard, automobile shell, air conditioning shell, terminal integrated shell, charging pile box and so on.

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