How Much Do You Know About Sheet Metal Prototyping ?

Jul 21 , 2023 | Blog

The sheet metal prototyping could be used as sheet metal components for stainless metal dustbin, metal box, case, cabinets etc. We have aluminum sheet metal prototyping box, stainless sheet metal prototyping case for distribution equipment, sheet metal ventilation hood, sheet metal housing for air conditioner, sheet metal cabinet of medical equipment, sheet metal case, chassis sheet metal cover, sheet metal bracket for solar-cell panel, seat belt buckle prototype and so on.


And for more, we also make perfect prototype details using surface treatments to serve our products for varied industries including electronics, medical, automotive, new energy etc. Sheet metal prototyping provided by us have high accuracy, efficiency and durability to get your utmost satisfaction.


At Rison Prototype, we could manufacture and supply a huge range of sheet metal prototyping as per the given specifications by you. Our prototyping components are perfect to use as sample to test before the final production of the products. All of our prototyping components are manufactured from excellent quality metal alloy with set industrial norms. 


Please see the following Sheet Metal Prototyping samples:

Aluminum sheet metal prototyping box

Stainless sheet metal prototyping case for distribution equipment

Sheet metal ventilation hood

Sheet metal housing for air conditioner

Chassis sheet for medical equipment

Sheet metal bracket for solar-cell panel

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