How to choose plastic prototype materials of CNC Machining ?

By ABC Rapid | Feb 10 , 2023 | Blog

Material characteristics of CNC machining for plastic prototype:


Material Name

Temperature resistant




General strength and toughness



High transparency, poor strength and toughness



Good strength, toughness and hardness

PA( Nylon)


Good strength, toughness and hardness, not easy to polish



Translucent, average hardness, strength and toughness


Suggestions on the selection of plastic materials for CNC Machining :


1. Conventional product prototypes are generally made of ABS material. This material is easy to process and the post-processing of the prototype is also more beautiful.


2. Prototype of high temperature resistant products, optional materials: epoxy resin, bakelite, black PC, PA (nylon), etc. These four materials can be bonded except for black PC, the other three cannot be bonded, and need to be processed as a whole.


3. Wear-resistant product prototype, POM or PA can be used. Neither of these two materials can be bonded to the prototype, and it needs to be processed as a whole.


4. High tenacity product prototype, can choose PA or PP. Neither of these two materials can be bonded to the prototype, and it needs to be processed as a whole.


5. Transparent product prototypes can be made of PMMA (acrylic), transparent ABS, transparent PC and other materials. The prototypes made of these materials, through polishing, have high transparency and achieve the same effect as real products.


6. The surface treatment of product prototypes is generally divided into surface effects such as oil spraying, electroplating, frosting, silk screen printing, and pad printing. Hand spraying is divided into smooth surface, matte surface, sand surface, transparent color, translucent color, fluorescent color, rubber oil and other effects.

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