How to do the transparent prototype sample of PC plastic prototy

Feb 17 , 2023 | Blog

How to do the transparent prototype sample of PC plastic prototype


It is often encountered that customers make transparent plastic prototypes. Generally speaking, the preferred materials for transparent prototypes are acrylic (PMMA) material, PC material and ABS material. These three materials are the most commonly used to make transparent prototype models. In terms of manufacturing process, CNC machining, 3D printing or vacuum casting can be selected according to the structure, size and quantity of the prototype. After molding, grinding and polishing can achieve high transparency.

However, some customers require translucent products, so some special processes are required. If the sanding process is slightly rougher, it will not be fully transparent. Another option is to choose POM material in terms of material selection. POM prototype production itself is opaque, but after grinding and blurring, there will be a little transparency effect, so as to achieve a translucent state.

If it is necessary to make a silicone composite mold for small batch production, it can also be translucent. In the silicone mold production process, the mold is not so smooth, and if it is not polished to a mirror effect during polishing, it can be reproduced when the product is copied. , forming a slightly rough effect, so that the hand plate can achieve a translucent effect.

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