How to Remove Defects on the Surface of a Prototype

Nov 28 , 2023 | Blog

Whether in ordinary CNC machining or high-speed machining, it is inevitable to have knife marks when changing tools during fine milling. These knife marks can be seen with the naked eye but cannot be touched by hand, so they need to be processed. The specific method is to use sandpaper. Sand or polish.
Sandpaper comes in different grades, the lower the number, the coarser the sand, and the higher the number, the smaller the sand. When sanding, always use coarse sandpaper to polish first, and then use fine sandpaper, so that the polished hand board will be smoother. If the order of sandpaper is reversed, the effect will be greatly reduced. During this period, you can also use some ash spraying to test the effect and quality of manual polishing.

  To obtain a workpiece with both precision and surface roughness that meet the requirements in CNC machining requires great care. Efficiency and high precision require rich processing experience to support it. But if the control is bad, these knife marks and burrs can only be removed by manual polishing, which greatly increases the labor cost of the prototype model.

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