Low pressure injection molding

Dec 29 , 2022 | Blog

Low pressure injection molding:



Compared with the traditional cladding process, the low-pressure injection molding process has the following characteristics:

1) Low-pressure injection molding is to integrate the skin material with the plastic base material, and there is no possibility of falling off.

2) Since there is no glue coating process necessary for the coating process, the low-pressure injection molding process is more environmentally friendly, which is conducive to the air quality in the car.

3) The internal structure of low-pressure double-layer injection molding parts can be designed arbitrarily, the degree of freedom of surface modeling is greater than that of coating technology, and the modeling features are clearer and tougher.

4) Low-pressure injection molding does not require additional secondary coating, which improves production efficiency.

5) Low-pressure injection molding products have good feel and appearance, and excellent surface texture.

6) Low-pressure injection molding products have low injection pressure, which can effectively protect the internal parts of the product, and the scrap rate is low.

7) Can cover appearance defects such as weld lines.

The core technology of low pressure injection molding

Equipment accuracy requirements:

The most important part of low-pressure injection molding equipment is the mold clamping system, which is generally a two-plate template, which needs to have the injection compression function, that is, the template opens during the mold clamping injection molding process, and the template opening distance ranges from 0mm to 5mm (according to the product). High-precision hydraulic mold clamping system is the most critical technology of low-pressure injection molding equipment.


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