Methods are used to manufacture molds using rapid prototyping

Apr 11 , 2024 | Blog

Traditional molding technology is mostly based on the (master mold) and uses copying methods (such as casting, spraying, electroforming, composite material pouring, etc.) to manufacture the main working parts of the mold (concave and convex molds or mold chambers, mold cores).


Traditional molding technologies can be summarized as follows:

①low melting point (Bi-Sn) alloy molding technology;
②zinc-based alloy molding technology;
③composite material molding technology;
④spray molding technology;
electroforming Forming and molding technology;
⑥Copper-based alloy molding technology, etc.


The application of rapid prototyping manufacturing technology in mold manufacturing can be divided into direct molding and indirect molding.

Direct molding uses speed-determining molding processes such as SLS, FDM, and LOM to directly create molds such as resin molds, ceramic molds, and metal molds.


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