Production and processing of household appliances hand model

Mar 02 , 2023 | Blog

Production and processing of household appliances hand model

Before large-scale mass production of household appliances, we usually find a prototype factory to make a prototype model. After the prototype model is completed, we can verify the accuracy of the design and test the function of the prototype. Only then can we start production, so as to avoid some unnecessary losses.


What is a home appliance hand model? The household appliance prototype model is to ensure that the household appliances can be used after production, and the model samples are produced so that they can be used for various product tests.


The raw materials of household appliance prototype models include plastic, silicone, and metal. Of course, the choice should be consistent with the raw materials of the model you want to make, so that the variables will be reduced during the test process, which will have a negative impact on future mass production. Favorable comparison. Secondly, it is divided into levels, including appearance type, structure type, and function type. The appearance type is mainly to check the appearance and structure of the product you want to produce. As the name implies, it is to check the rationality of the product structure, and the function type requires comparison High, the structure and appearance of the prototype must be exactly the same as that of the product to be produced, which is a highly professional one.


The production and processing of home appliance prototypes are basically laser rapid prototyping and CNC processing. The difference between these two kinds is very professional, but generally speaking, the second method will be more mature, and the accuracy will be higher. It is used to check the appearance design, check the structure design, avoid the risk of direct mold opening, and ensure the time of product launch. Much in advance of the prototype production. CNC is widely used in the mechanical processing industry, and the technology is relatively mature. It is also very good in hand-processing and precision. It is the first-hand processing method to consider.


Many people don't know the function of the hand model of household appliances. The hand model is a model before the product is produced. The relevant structure and materials are made with a high degree of simulation, and then it can provide a test for the company's products. This is very necessary. Only through testing and inspection can we check what problems will arise when the product is produced. Before production, we can improve or check that the product is not suitable for production, and we can also carry out research and development on the product.


The prototype is produced to test the practicability and feasibility of the product, so the quality requirements are very high. The general product model is just a copy, without professional technical tools, without a strong professional team to design and develop, without high-quality standards and professional production lines.


Nowadays, many products have undergone many tests before production to ensure the feasibility and practicability of the products. Many products can only be put into production after repeated inspections. There are also many companies that are not so attentive to the production of models, or do not have professional technology to support them. Checking the effect of the product is not so real, and sometimes there will be problems that did not appear in the model test after the product is put into use, which will cause a lot of unnecessary losses for the company.

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