Prototype Material PMMA (Acrylic)

Mar 14 , 2023 | Blog

ACRYLIC, also called PMMA or acrylic, acrylic

 The chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate.  Derived from English Organic Glass, it refers to PMMA board made from MMA of organic compounds, which is as transparent and transparent as glass.  Acrylic is an important thermoplastic developed earlier, is so far synthetic transparent materials in the most excellent texture, the price is more suitable variety.  Soluble in organic solvents such as anisole, can form good film and good dielectric properties.


Acrylic has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, beautiful appearance, in the construction industry, furniture products, sanitary ware has a wide range of applications.

If you want your parts to be clear and transparent, then PMMA material is your best choice.  The acrylic material is said to be brittle, yet very transparent and aesthetically pleasing.  Many customers make car lights, exquisite appearance parts like to use PMMA, PMMA molding methods are casting, injection molding, mechanical processing, hot forming, etc.  Especially injection molding, can be mass production, simple process, low cost.  Therefore, its application is increasingly wide, it is widely used in instrument parts, car lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes.


In construction, organic glass acrylic (acrylic) is mainly used in building daylighting, transparent roof, shed roof, telephone booth, stairs and room wall protection board;  In terms of sanitary ware, there are bathtub, wash basin, makeup table and other products.  Applications in highway and high-grade road lighting lampshades and automotive lamps are also developing rapidly.  Among them, the building daylighting, bathtub, street advertising light box and telephone booth market growth is fast, the future development space is large, the market prospect is very broad.

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