Remedies for mistakes in prototype models

Dec 01 , 2023 | Blog

Mistakes are inevitable during prototype model processing. PMMA is also commonly known as organic glass or acrylic. Because the material properties are very brittle and easy to crack, and there are no traces of bonding, special attention must be paid during the processing.  Once the cutter is cut too fast, the entire material may break, and the entire prototype will be scrapped. Therefore, PMMA prototype prototypes are more expensive than other prototypes.


PMMA and PC, cannot be repaired if they make major mistakes and can only be scrapped . Because transparent workpieces are not allowed to have any traces of bonding. There are some workpieces that can be repaired to recover losses. The workpieces are non-transparent parts, such as ABS,POM,PA, etc. Generally, plastic parts are repaired. The remedial method is generally to use remedial materials to fill in the over-cut or wrong-cut areas. The most commonly used remedial material is 502 glue mixed with prickly heat powder or putty. Take an appropriate amount of prickly heat powder and add 502 glue to make a thin paste to become502glue mixed with prickly heat powder. Fill the mixed material into the cut area and wait for it to dry before reprocessing. Atomic ash is a gel-like viscous substance that requires a drier to solidify. Imported atomic ash is more expensive, while domestically produced atomic ash is cheaper.

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