SandBlasting Surface Treatment

By ABC Rapid | Apr 27 , 2023 | Blog

Sand blasting is the use of compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam, the abrasive high-speed jet to the surface of the workpiece to be treated, so that the physical change of the surface of the workpiece surface, to meet the quality requirement

Characteristics of sandblasting

1, sand blasting treatment is the most thorough, the most general, the most rapid, the most efficient cleaning method.

2, sandblasting can be arbitrarily selected between different roughness, and other processes are unable to achieve this point, manual grinding can play rough surface but the speed is too slow, chemical solvent cleaning cleaning surface is too smooth is not conducive to coating bonding.

Metal workpiece, non-metal workpiece surface cleaning, surface strengthening, surface beautification;

The action of sandblasting

1, surface pretreatment processing: electroplating, spray painting, PU, rubber and plastic coating, metal spray welding, titanium plating before treatment and increase the surface adhesion;

2, surface beautification processing: all kinds of metal products decoration processing and electroplating products of extinction and soft light fog surface treatment and non-metallic products such as: acrylic, Polly, crystal glass surface atomization treatment;

3, surface cleaning processing: metal oxide layer or heat treatment after black skin, surface pores, metal or non-metal surface rust removal, ceramic surface black and coloring point removal or paint regeneration, rubber mold and gravity die casting mold oxide, residue or free agent removal;

4, surface hair removal processing: plastic, electric wood products, zinc and aluminum die-casting products hair removal and electronic or other parts of the surface dressing treatment;

5. Electronic parts processing: removal of impurities on the surface of silicon chips after diffusion, sand blasting and cutting of silicon chips into small round grains, etching and processing of electronic parts packaging industry, spraying of rubber burr, removal of printing on the surface of finished electronic parts, cleaning of ceramic electric heating materials;

6, surface etching processing: precious metal jewelry, gems, glass, stone, stone seal, ceramic, wood surface modification etching treatment;

7, workpiece stress relief processing: aerospace industry parts of parts cleaning and stress relief or national defense weapons repair and extinction rust removal paint;

8, mold processing: mold surface pear processing (sandblasting) mold bite and fog surface treatment, increase the adhesion of mold covered PU, shoe mold, conductive rubber mold, tire mold and electronic product mold cleaning and fog surface treatment.

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