Silicone Complexity Performance

Nov 24 , 2023 | Blog

The following points are the performance of silicone re -models:


1. Fast performance: When the silicone mold has a prototype, it can be made within 24 hours, and the products can be poured and copied.


2. Simulation performance: Silicone molds can make complex structures and fine patterns, which can clearly outline the fine lines on the surface of the product and reproduce the fine characteristics on the prototype parts.


3. Decarry performance: Because the silicone mold has good flexibility and elasticity, for parts with complex structural and deeper grooves, the parts can be removed directly after pouring without adding an increase in molding angle and simplifying the mold design as much as possible.


4. Copy performance: room temperature sulfide rubber has excellent simulation and extremely low contraction rate (about 3 ‰), and basically does not lose the size accuracy of the parts. It is an excellent mold material. It can quickly make 20-30 same products by using silicone molds.


5. Scope of selection: The silicone compound mold material can be widely selected. It can be ABS, polyuretine resin, PP, nylon, rubber-like, PA, PMMA/PC transparent parts, soft rubber parts (40-90shord parts (40-90shord D), high temperature resistance, fire prevention and other materials.

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