Silicone Prototype Production Process

Apr 09 , 2024 | Blog

Silicone Prototype Production Process: The methods for opening silicone prototyping molds include encapsulation mold, brush mold (silicone mold, three-dimensional mold, flat mold), and pouring mold, which are determined according to the size of the product.

1. Wrapping the mold: First wrap a layer of soil with a thickness of 3~5mm on the mold to make a gypsum jacket. Remove the soil stains and release the mold. Pour the mixed silicone and curing agent into the gypsum jacket with the mold. Curing and shaping.

2. Brush the mold: Generally, three-layer brushing is used to apply multiple layers according to the mold requirements. One layer of brushing is applied to the mold to vacuum and brush it in place. Apply the second layer of gauze. The third layer of cover is cured and formed.

3. Infusion mold: Pour the evenly stirred silica gel and curing agent into the container of the mold, and vacuum to solidify it. Some molds cannot be taken out directly and need to be removed from the mold in order to ensure smooth production.

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