Small Batch Production Of Toy Prototypes

Mar 29 , 2023 | Blog

Sometimes some customers need to produce products in small batches. The cost of making steel molds is too high and the cycle time is too long, and the price of 3D printing or CNC machining is too expensive. For this situation, silicone composite molds are the most suitable. It can not only produce products in small batches, but also save cost and cycle time. In about a few hours, a set of silicone molds can be produced; in five or six days, hundreds of products can be re-moulded.

The lifespan of a mold is about 20 pieces of products that can be re-moulded. The materials of the products that can be re-moulded can be: ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, POM, high temperature resistant materials, soft rubber, silicone rubber, etc.

The specific process steps of vacuum composite mold (silicone composite mold):




Before making a silicone mold, a prototype needs to be made. Prototypes can be made ofABS plastic,3D printedorCNC machined.


2.Making silicone molds


After the prototype is ready, start making the silicone mold.


After drying for eight hours, cut the silicone mold and take out the prototype. At this point the silicone mold is ready.


3.Vacuum casting mold products


Pour the liquid gum material into the silicone mold and let it dry.

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