Surface Finishing

Jul 04 , 2023 | Blog

What is Surface Finishing? 

Surface finishing refers to different processes used to modify the surface of a finished product to give it a unique or desired appearance.      The most commonly used surface finishing options are sanding and polishing, but there are far more methods to choose from.      Different technologies are used to improve appearance, adhesion, solderability, corrosion resistance, hardness, electrical conductivity and many other characteristics of industrial components.      There are also automated surface finishing processes to reduce production time. But, as it says, there is no best, only the most suitable.


The Importance of a Surface Finish

A proper surface finish ensures that the final product looks better and lasts longer. So the biggest beneficiary is the end-user. At the same time, some surface finishing techniques also help the manufacturers in the production process.

For example, brushing the surface before applying paint increases the metal’s adhesion. This makes a good quality finish easier to obtain.

Benefits of Surface Finishing:

Increased corrosion resistance

Helping with the adhesion of paint and other coatings

Elimination of surface defects

Increased resistance to chemicals

Improved conductivity and added surface electrical conduction

Increased strength and resistance to wear while the friction effects are minimised

Improve the appearance

Adjust the sizes

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