The 3D Printing Prototype Whether is suitable for Mass Productio

May 31 , 2023 | Blog

3D printing has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. It's magical to draw a model on your computer using design software, convert it into a printable files, wake up a 3D printer's airbrush with one click, and then stack objects layer by layer using plastic, photosensitive resin or metal.  But in reality, the current state of the art is not suitable for mass production.


In fact, 3d printing is only suitable for a relatively small number of hand plates, even a single piece of high-end custom products. We are engaged in 3d printing prototype production for more than 10 years, rich experience, printing accuracy up to 0.2~0.3mm, prototype materials for a variety of choices. At the same time can be customized according to different drawings.


At present, the hand plate industry has not used 3d printing for batch processing, mainly because its price is too high, the material cost is as high as 1 ~ 3 yuan/g, not including the labor cost. If used in mass production, this price is definitely very expensive.

Also the quality of 3D printing can’t be compared with CNC machining and Vacuum Casting.


As a result, 3d printing is now widely used in the prototype industry. It can print the part in a short time, bringing a completely different experience to the hand board industry. I believe that the future with the continuous progress of technology, will be used for prototype batch production.

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