The Grinding Method And Precautions Of the Prototype

Mar 10 , 2023 | Blog

The grinding method and precautions of the prototype

In the prototype industry, grinding can be said to be a necessary part of the hand board production process. After the hand board is processed by CNC machining, there will be many burrs and knife marks on the surface, which need to be polished. Generally, sandpaper is used for grinding, or Choose to polish with a polisher.


Polishing method:

 (1) Mechanical grinding: For large-scale construction, in order to improve work efficiency, mechanical grinding methods can be used, such as electric grinding machine disc type and vibration type.


(2) Dry sanding: Sandpaper is used for sanding, which is suitable for hard and brittle paints. The disadvantage is that a lot of dust will be generated during the operation, which will affect environmental sanitation.


(3) Wet sanding: dipping water with sandpaper can reduce wear marks, improve the smoothness of the coating, and save sandpaper and labor. However, after water sanding, attention should be paid to spraying the lower layer of paint. First, wait for the water sanding layer to dry completely before painting The lower layer of paint, otherwise the paint layer is easy to whiten, and the substrate with strong water absorption is not suitable for water grinding.


Things to pay attention to when polishing the hand plate:


1. For rough grinding, choose some very coarse sandpaper, remove the rough burrs on the surface, and then perform fine grain grinding. The sandpaper can be divided into different grades such as 220, 400, 800, 1000, etc. The larger the number, the finer the sandpaper , On the contrary, the less the number, the coarser the sandpaper.


2. Generally, the surface is relatively rough, and it needs to be sanded to obtain a relatively flat surface, so grinding can reduce the roughness of the surface of the hand plate.

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