The key points of the coloring process of the prototype

Mar 23 , 2023 | Blog

Before the newly formed prototype model is painted, it is usually necessary to polish the whiteboard. When grinding, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the smoothness and corners of the product are in place. obvious. During the process from grinding to coloring, dust spraying is required. Coloring needs to be done according to the Pantone number, and there is a qualitative standard for the color. The Pantone color card is in accordance with international standards.


However, there are still certain difficulties in coloring some prototypes, such as Saigang and PP materials, the adhesion is not very stable after coloring, and the color may fade after rubbing. So generally speaking, if it is not an appearance part, the prototype made of PP or the product made of Saigon will not be colored. Saigang is used for the processing of gears and does not require much coloring, and is assembled in the product.


Only by mastering the common sense of hand coloring can we make perfect hand works and satisfy customers.

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