The Precision of Prototype

Apr 02 , 2024 | Blog

When chatting with customers, they will always ask how accurate the prototype model is. Why do most users who need to make prototypes ask this question? This is mainly because the higher the accuracy of the prototype model, the smaller the gap with the actual product, the more realistic the detection results will be, and the more conducive to mold opening.


Everyone must know that no matter how high the accuracy of a prototype is, there is still a certain gap between it and the real thing. Generally, when making a prototype, if the accuracy can be controlled at plus or minus 0.1mm (that is, ten wires), it will be enough to make a general prototype model. No more questions. The equipment used by our company is relatively good, and the accuracy can reach 0.05~0.1 mm. Generally, the smaller the things, the higher the accuracy.


Especially in the medical industry, the requirements for prototyping and medical equipment are different from others, and the requirements for accuracy are extremely strict. We often need to paint the exterior with white paint, and it also needs to have a UV effect. The material can be ABS or UV varnish. The screw holes need to be embedded with nuts, and the nuts must be firm. In this case, if the price is reasonable and the quality is good, customers will generally cooperate with us for a long time. For products with such high precision, if the estimated quality of the replica mold is problematic, it is generally difficult to reach plus or minus 0.1mm, thus failing to meet the requirements for test assembly. If done in batches, CNC processing costs are high and not cost-effective.


The medical equipment we make for other customers is all made using replica molds. CNC processes prototypes first, and then makes dozens of sets in batches. In short, if the accuracy of the prototype model you need to make is not very high, you can use a replica mold, but if the accuracy requirements are high, it is better to use CNC processing.

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