Under what circumstances does the 3D printing prototype need to

Jun 07 , 2023 | Blog

Disassembly printing is originally a whole hand model, which needs to be disassembled and printed separately, and finally assembled. Can't all 3D printing prototypes be printed? Why do you need to print in blocks?

In fact, even 3D printed prototypes need to be disassembled for printing, let's analyze three situations that require disassembly for printing.


1. The prototype model is too large.

3D printers come in an affordable print size. If you want to print a large model, because the volume is too large, the 3D printer cannot print such a large model at one time, you need to print it separately.

In fact, whether it is 3D printing or CNC machining, there are size restrictions in the process of processing. This is limited by the size of the machine. It is impossible for the machine to be only 1 meter, but it is impossible to process a 2-meter hand model.

There are also different 3D printing materials, and the maximum size of a single 3D printing model is also different.

2. The special structure cannot meet the requirements.

Some are due to the special structure that cannot meet the requirements, such as the glasses below, the frame and legs are printed separately, because the integrated printing frame and leg interface are merged and cannot be rotated flexibly, so the use of the glasses hand model cannot be verified.

Of course, the glasses prototype is printed in one piece. Yes, such devices that require flexible rotation can also be realized through design and final 3D printing. The example here is just a reference.

Another example is 3D printing transparent photosensitive resins. Transparent photosensitive resin needs to be sanded. If some parts cannot be polished, it will affect the transparency. At this point, you can disassemble the part and print it. After disassembly, sand and glue. If you choose shadowless glue, the transparency of the bonding part is still very good.

3. It may be cheaper to disassemble and process.

For example, a CNC prototype with a height of 800 mm, a length of 700 mm, and a longest side width of 270 mm. If the entire CNC machine is processed, ABS material with a height of 650 mm, a length of 600 mm, and a width of 300 mm must be used, but in fact, the model does not need so much material, and the material required for the hand model may be less than one-fifth of the overall processing one.

3D printing prototypes are rarely cheaper to disassemble and print within the printable range, because 3D printing is a kind of additive manufacturing, except for the necessary support materials, the rest are materials for printing models, and 3D printing is more expensive without complex model processing .

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