Under What Circumstances Is It Necessary To Make Prototype Proce

Nov 20 , 2023 | Blog

The necessity of making prototype is mainly reflected in the following points:


 Prototype is also called the first plate, rapid prototyping or mockup, etc., after the designer completes the product design, we do not need to open the mold, according to the product appearance or structural drawings to make one or several samples that are the same as the real product to check the appearance, structural rationality or market research, which is prototype.


Prototype processing model production process:

Prototype - with physical performance design, make the design more specific and intuitive, is the use of creative process, innovative products! No matter how advanced the machine equipment is, the prototype is always inseparable from fine manual processing. Advanced software can simulate very realistic product drawings, but the prototype is not a simulation but a true representation of the design. Any defects can be made up and improved in the early stage of product development, so that the product has a mature design before opening the mold, reducing the risk of product development. Prototype is an important step to verify the feasibility of a product, it can help find out the defects, deficiencies and drawbacks in product design, so as to make targeted improvements. Through the prototype, the designer can more intuitively see the actual effect of the product, easy to find the problems that may exist in the design, and extend the designer's creativity.


Engineers can find engineering and process problems that may exist in the product structure, propose solutions, and optimize the product structure and function. The prototype can also be used as a reference for product mold production, making mold manufacturing more accurate and faster, shortening the development cycle, and winning the opportunity for products to seize the market. Before there is no mass production, prototype samples can be displayed at the exhibition to achieve the effect of early publicity. At the same time, the prototype sample can also be sold directly to test the market's evaluation of the product. The traditional manual sample manufacturing cost is high, the speed is slow, and the cycle of multiple optimization is too long. And directly through 3D printing can save time and effort, reduce costs. Therefore, the production of prototype processing is very necessary for product design and production.



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