What are the advantages of ABS prototype?

Feb 10 , 2023 | Blog

What are the advantages of ABS prototype?




ABS can be said to be one of the most widely used materials in the prototype industry at present. The reason why it is so popular is that ABS engineering plastics are easy to process and shape, and the surface treatment effect is good. Let Gray Model tell you the advantages of ABS prototypes. which


1. As one of the most widely used engineering plastics, ABS has good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.


2. Use ABS as the prototype. During processing, the relative density is about 1.05, which is not easy to absorb water. When encountering large parts that need to be dismantled for processing, the dismantled parts are bonded very firmly without affecting their strength. It is the most suitable for dismantling parts. processed material.


3. ABS material can be used in various processing methods. According to the structural characteristics, we can use silicone composite mold, CNC processing, or 3D printing. Its easy processing characteristics also make the cost of hand-made production lower than other materials.


4. ABS prototypes are easy to post-process, and the surface color of ABS is opaque and white. However, because the ABS material itself can be colored, ABS materials can be used to complete the production of various colors of prototypes, and the ABS prototype is easy to polish, and the surface polishing effect can be achieved. achieve a high-gloss effect.



Because ABS material has so many advantages, it is one of the best materials for hand model making. Now several industries with the largest demand for hand models use ABS material as samples. Medical equipment shell prototypes, computer shell prototypes, mobile phone shell prototypes, earphone prototypes, etc., air conditioner shell prototypes, etc., the molding effect and the later surface treatment are very good.


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