What Are The Advantages Of Small Batch Prototype by Metal Sheet

May 05 , 2023 | Blog

In many cases, enterprises need to do sheet metal prototype is not too much, often only need dozens to hundreds, which is usually what we call small batch prototypes. Small batch sheet metal prototype processing mainly refers to the one-time processing of dozens to hundreds of prototypes, the use of vacuum casting.


In the prototype industry, small batch hand plate processing is relatively common, mainly because it has the following advantages:


1, Reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, many start-up companies in the early stage of the product input a lot of costs, if the product into the market sales are not optimistic, it is likely to lead to the collapse of the enterprise, and the use of small batch processing can be sold in accordance with the market demand, but also can avoid the high cost risk of mold opening, help the start-up company smoothly through the initial difficulties.


2, To ensure product quality, the reason why we often say to sample first or do small batch of hand plate products, is because large-scale production may appear quality problems, or there is no way to timely adjust the process technology in production, or to reasonable design. The use of small batch hand plate processing, can first improve the product, and then large-scale production.


3, Dozens to hundreds of hand plate, if CNC machining is used, the labor cost is relatively high, and the delivery time is also very long; Using 3d printing, although the speed is faster, but the price will not be low; And the use of small batch vacuum complex die, hand plate unit price is relatively low, and delivery is very fast.


Therefore, the use of small batch hand plate production has these benefits: reduce the risk of entrepreneurship; Make the product more perfect and improve the work efficiency.

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