What is Electrophoresis?

May 07 , 2024 | Blog

What is Electrophoresis?

The electrophoresis process is to apply a layer of primer on the surface of metal products. Different from other processes such as spraying, electrophoresis actually uses electricity to deposit paint particles on the workpiece to form a film under the action of an electric field. This kind of primer has a relatively single color, usually black or gray, but its anti-corrosion performance is better than other methods. It is generally used as a primer for automotive parts, complete vehicles, hardware and other metal products.

Main processes of electrophoretic coating

The electrophoretic coating process generally consists of four main processes (or processes) including pre-paint surface treatment, electrophoretic coating, post-electrophoretic cleaning, and electrophoretic paint film drying.

General process of electrophoretic coating process

Upper hanging → oil removal → water washing → rust removal → water washing → surface conditioning → phosphating → water washing → deionized water washing → electrophoresis → water washing → deionization and water washing → compressed air blowing → drying → bottom hanging.

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