What Is Plastic Injection ?

Jun 12 , 2023 | Blog

Plastic injection technology is mainly used to manufacture various plastic products that we see in our lives. The principle of injection molding is to first heat and melt granular plastic pellets into a liquid and flowable state through an injection molding machine at a high temperature. The molten plastic material is injected into the mold, and after a period of time is cooled down, the final plastic product is completed after the mold is opened. Plastic injection products are very diversified, because injection molding steel molds can be produced according to product requirements with different complexity, precision, and styles. However, relatively the cost of mold opening is high, which also affects the cost of plastic injection molding.

Plastic injection molding process

We simplified the plastic injection molding process into 5 steps, plasticizing⇒injection⇒holding pressure⇒cooling⇒demolding. These 5 stages will continue to circulate during the manufacturing process. With the trend of automated production, it can be efficiently mass-production to supply the required plastic products.

1. plasticizing

The plastic material is melted at high temperature in the material tube, and the plastic processing temperature is set on the injection molding machine according to the characteristics of the selected plastic material, so that the plastic pellets are dissolved at the correct temperature.

2. injection

The plastic material is filled and injected into the mold through the screw, and the mold design space is used to shape the plastic. At this time, the parameters of the injection machine must be adjusted according to the plastic injection molding conditions or mold conditions to avoid subsequent problems such as size incompatibility and burrs.

3. holding pressure

After the plastic materials are filled into the mold, continue to pressurize the space in the mold, mainly to ensure the tightness of the filling of these plastic materials, and to avoid the backflow of the materials.

4. cooling

The product is quickly cooled and shaped in the mold.

5. demolding

Finally, the plastic product is completed, and the product is removed from the mold.


Plastic injection is a process that can quickly produce plastic products. There are many points to consider and pay attention to in the process of plastic injection molding. From the selection of injection models, plastic material selection to mold making, all of them need to detaily review and evaluation.


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