What Should be Paid Attention To When Making Aluminum Prototypes

Aug 29 , 2023 | Blog

Now aluminum alloy prototype processing can be said to be a crucial part in the development of new products, but only high-quality prototypes can effectively improve the efficiency of prototype production and save time and cost, so aluminum alloy prototype processing needs to be done when making prototypes. Pay attention to what?


    1. Before the prototype is made, the processing preparation can be made in advance to prevent poor consideration in the rush and affect the processing quality and cycle;


    2. Before the prototype is made, it is necessary to communicate with the customer, sign the processing agreement, and arrange the date of machine processing;


3. For general aluminum alloy prototype processing, before spraying oil, it is necessary to consider whether the paint thickness is different from the size required by the drawing;


4. The processing of aluminum alloy prototypes should consider rough machining and finishing allowances to prevent cracking, inconcentricity inside and outside, and processed textures in the appearance of the product.


5. The transparent prototype is made of the materials required by the drawing, and the inner wall is smooth and cannot have the knife pattern processed by the machine tool;


6. The processing of aluminum alloy prototypes must meet the roughness standard according to the requirements of the design drawings;


7. Aluminum alloy hand plate processing and design products should set the forming process and procedures, and do not change the design midway because of hand plate processing difficulties


The above are some important factors that need to be paid attention to when processing aluminum alloy prototypes.


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