What things need to pay attention when making toy models ?

May 16 , 2024 | Blog

Toy model prototypes refer to the samples or prototypes used to make model toys, usually drawn by engineers or designers so that manufacturers can produce according to this prototype. During the prototype production process, certain standards and procedures need to be followed to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final product.


First of all, prototype production requires using composite materials to create a complete product sample based on the paper design draft or the 3D model drawn by CAD. This is also the first step in prototype production. Different from other types of product production, the composite materials of model toy prototypes are usually resin and silicone, because these materials are not only light in weight, but also have very high toughness and elasticity, giving the model a long service life.


Secondly, making model toy prototypes requires attention to the details and proportions of the product to ensure that the appearance of the final product is accurate. For example, if you produce scene model toys with many details, you need to discuss with the designers many times to achieve a more perfect effect by changing drawings, measuring dimensions, etc.


Finally, making model toy prototypes also requires following a certain production process to ensure the quality of the final product. For example, it is necessary to first carry out the production, installation and debugging of the internal structure, then complete and beautify the external details, then design and polish the color and texture, and finally copy it.


In general, model toy prototype production requires not only professional knowledge and skills, but also certain aesthetic abilities and a good spirit of cooperation. Only by completing every detail and process can a high-quality model toy prototype be produced, which provides a guarantee for the production of better products.


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