Why 3D Printing Prototypes Can Save Production Cost?

Jul 21 , 2021 | Blog

The birth of any product, all need to go through a series of steps from being designed to production and then to the market. After the product is designed, the designer will choose to make some prototypes to verify the function of the product. Only when the function and other indicators of the product meet the standards, the product will be put into mass production. This is also a method to prevent risks. Therefore, choosing rapid prototyping in the product development step can help you save money and time.


Rapid prototyping technology including several methods, like CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, 3D Printing, Sheet Metal, etc. Each method has their features and advantages, you can choose the suitable method to make prototypes accoding to your requirements. Today we will talk to see why 3d printing prototypes can save production cost? It has following reasons:


#3D Printing can be used in making complex parts

In the product development process, 3D printing can motivate designers without too much cost. The advantage of 3D printing is that it can print parts with complex structure, simple process, fast time and low cost. Relative to the complex structure of parts, CNC machining will need to use a variety of processing technology, long time, high cost.


#Lower cost of material in 3D Printing

At present, the most commonly used materials for 3D printing are mainly plastics and photosensitive resin materials. Photosensitive resins and other materials used in 3D printing are cheaper materials with lower material costs and therefore lower production costs. In the manufacturing process, 3D printing can help improve the quality of parts at a lower cost.


#3D Printing can accept customer’s optimate their deisgn any time

When the product is designed, in the process of machining, there will be a need to update the product design problem, this time you need to choose a just in time to stop processing and minimize losses, the method of 3d printing can accept customer updated design also won't cause too big loss, the method of the correct 3d printing prototype can reduce the cost of the entire manufacturing process. Selecting a good prototyping provider that offers a high-altitude service can help you take full advantage of rapid prototyping.


3D printing is a very convenient processing method. With 3D printing, manufacturers can produce lightweight products, customize products and designs for each customer, print prototypes in the early stage of product design, verify product functions, and reduce production costs.

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